Assistant Enrico Storari

Avvocato Enrico Storari

Commercial and Corporate Law

A graduate from the University of Bologna in 1997, Avv. Enrico Storari has been a member of the Studio since 2003 and mainly deals with Commercial and Corporate Law. Together with the other partners he has been working with companies of primary national level for many years, assuming both judicial and out-of-court positions. Over time he has become an experienced lawyer with an in depth knowledge of the legality surrounding business-crisis management. In addition, he has overseen several Concoursing Procedures, breaking new ground in certain areas of Bankruptcy Law.
Daily Enrico deals with issues of Civil Law (property and real rights, bonds and contracts, road accidents, insurance, damages), and is particularly interested and dedicated to the safeguarding of the Consumption Code and the Distribution / Concession Contracts National and European matrix. A key team member and partner at Studio Sartori, he regularly lends his expertise in Family Law and Minors (separations, divorces) to other partners and clients. He is also experienced in Credit Recovery and Succession Procedures.

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