Avv. Giulia Verga

Avvocato Giulia Verga

Commercial and International Law

The Lawyer Giulia Verga graduated from the University of Milan in 1994, and, having pursued professional practice, obtained her degree in the forensic field in 1997. In January 1998 she enrolled as a lawyer of the Forum of Verona.
In 1999 she became a member of Studio Sartori and in her work she mainly deals with Civil Law, Commercial Law and International Law. She has a proven track record in legal advice and litigation handling, both in contractual matters serving important domestic and foreign companies, as well as in matters of injury and in the field of protection and recovery of credit on behalf of leading companies in various sectors such as consumer credit, pharmaceuticals and distribution of luxury goods.
Giulia's focus for several years has been in both court and out-of-court management, controversies related to damage from Defective Products and Garanzianella for the Sale of Consumer Goods (application of Code of Conduct, Consumption Code and Community law).
She is highly experienced in the study in Family and Minority Law and has contributed to enriching its educational and professional pathway in the direct management of causes of separation.
Giulia is an Italian Representative, authorised by the Italian Chamber of Commerce in the United Arab Emirates to provide legal, tax and commercial assistance to Italian companies wishing to re-locate to the United Arab Emirates or work in partnership with local companies there.
She was awarded "Best Representative 2016"  in the Gulf International Congress, held in Dubai in December 2016.

The Lawyer. Giulia Verga is available for consultations and appointments by writing to giulia.verga@srlaw.it.

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