Avv. Valeria Baldo

Avvocato Valeria Baldo

Civil Right

The Lawyer. Valeria Baldo graduated in law with the highest marks (110 and praise) at the University of Trento in March 1999. She joined the law firm Sartori for the first time as a practitioner, then as a professional associate of the Studio. Since then she has matured and consolidated her professional experience in the field of Civil Law, following judicially and outrightly, issues involving real rights, obligations and contracts, the status and capacity of persons, successions, insurance, road accidents and compensation of damages, aspects of credit protection and enforcement procedures.
She has a special focus on Family and Minority Law, a subject she focussed on in her training and has continued to develop her experience in. Valeria is a member of the AIAF - Italian Association of Lawyers for Family and Minors. She is a lecturer in European Law Fundamentals at the Law School of the University of Trento, with whom she has regularly collaborated since 1999. Since 2004, she has been a Tutor at the School of Specialization for Legal Professionals at the University of Trento And Verona.

To contact Avv. Valeria Baldo, an expert in Civil Law, email valeria.baldo@srlaw.it

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