Bankruptcy Law

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Sartori Legal in Verona employs a team of highly qualified and regularly updated professionals. Our team of experts offer bankruptcy law advice and provide full and professional assistance in cases of bankruptcy, preventive agreements, liquidation and extraordinary and controlled business administration.

Management and resolution of business crises

Bankruptcy legislation regulates bankruptcy procedures by regulating the creditors' competition in the breakdown of the assets of an entrepreneur who has been found to be insolvent. However, the first step in this area of the law is to manage and resolve business crises, to ensure the possibility of a full return of the entrepreneur to their industry in the wake of the breakdown of their business.

Bankruptcy Requirements

We conduct the procedure as determined by the local judicial authority and traditionally, bankruptcy involves the liquidation of the insolvent entrepreneur's assets in order to remunerate the creditors. To declare bankruptcy it is necessary to show that the insolvency situation is really irreversible, beyond a single insolvency and with evidence from the balance sheet data. Only large commercial entrepreneurs can be subject to bankruptcy. Public bodies can be subject to administrative liquidation.

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