Consumer Law

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User Protection

Consumer protection goes through a corpus of legal provisions aimed at protecting the citizen as a consumer of goods and services. Sartori Law Firm is based in Verona and offers consulting and assistance services to protect users, with the help of a highly qualified team attentive to the evolution of all related regulations.

Consumer Rights

The consumer purchases large-scale material goods offered on the market by intermediate figures, thus extraneous to the production and therefore quality of the items. For this reason, regulations were created to provide the consumer with effective protection in the event of damage caused by a defective product or a product not meeting the requirements set out by the European Community. In addition, such policies ensure the user's defence in the event of fraudulent conduct by the trader and damages the interests of the buyer. With the adoption in 1973 of the European Consumer Protection Charter, we work on key areas including misleading advertising, direct liability of companies in the case of defective products, regulation of the methods of displaying prices and provision of consumer guarantees.

Legal counseling and legal assistance

For advice on consumer rights, consumer protection and protection, Studio Sartori offers clients a dedicated team who can create detailed cases and provide comprehensive assistance in legal action cases.

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