Damages and Compensation

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The Sartori Law Firm exerts its expertise in the most diverse legal fields ranging from family law to consumer law. We strive to carefully match your associate with your case depending on the criminal case involved. Thanks to our experienced and enthusiastic associates at Studio Sartori, clients can rest assured that all the necessary measures will be taken to ensure there is a fair compensation for damages. We work hard to ensure cases are concluded so in such a way that both the client and studio are satisfied with the outcome.

The difference between compensation and damages

The damages institute obliges those who cause unjust damage to compensate the injured party. Compensation applies when no damage is done to any other party and may be paid at a time agreed by the team working on your case and the law itself. Once the case has been recognised it is necessary to distinguish the precise type of damage suffered, which may be patrimonial or non-pecuniary.

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