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Sartori Law Firm

The Sartori Law Firm is recognised for its work in forensic law in Verona. The Professional Association was founded in 1970 by lawyer Angelo Sartori along with other professionals. Inherited by his son Alessandro Sartori, who initially affiliated with his father in the pursuit of the profession, the company was subsequently (1980-2000) greatly expanded, extending to the areas of intervention and legal matters dealt with in a wide range of case type. Over the years, Sartori has seen the collaboration of skilled, highly-trained professionals working across every sector of civil law, offering both legal and judicial assistance to clients. Our partners work closely with each other and many have specialisms in their field. In our work in criminal law, we are flanked by the Law Firm Rizzati.
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Family and Minority Rights

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Civil Rights

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Commercial and Corporate Law

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Compensation for Damages

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Bankruptcy Law

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Consumer Law

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International Law

A point of reference in all matters relating to forensic law in Verona since 1970.
For appointments, call +39 045 8011711.

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